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Friday, March 10, 2017

Hughes Airport Culver City (CVR) Then and Now

Home of the H-4 Hercules, and a bunch of other really cool stuff back in the day.

How it looks today now that it has transformed into a movie studio and overpriced condos.

Today's photos by E.B.


  1. Isn't that Playa Vista off Jefferson? Not El Segundo, Westchester.

  2. You're right AB! It's Culver City. I've been using CC and El Seg interchangeably for as long as I can remember. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Another good one is in Glendale, (where I was born) the old home of Grand Central. (I was born in a hospital, not the air terminal...) Can't provide a pic, as I don't live there anymore. Also, everything is overpriced in L.A.

  4. Picture # 2, is that taken from "the den"?