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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Boeing 717 Round Thing

Does anybody know what that round thing is on a 717?


  1. My thought would be APU related, maybe an intake, since there is no soot around it and the exhaust is on the left side, from what I read. I can't think of what else would be back in that area. I flew the MD80 for a total of ten years and some smart-aleck Check Airman would surely have pointed it out at some point, so it seems to be 717 related.

    Thanks for taking 20 minutes out of my day to research this. Good thing I'm retired :-)

    1. Thanks AA. The aircraft was being refuelled at the time of the photo. That could be a clue or maybe not ..

  2. According to this: http://airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=396 (near the bottom)it's the APU exhaust. Cheers!

  3. OK so tht's the ans ... Thank you Anon !