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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

American Airlines Airbus A321 N125AA Hawaii

Now American is using these things to replace their comfortable 757 rustbuckets between Hawaii and LAX.

N125AA was previously worn by an American Airlines DC-10 and the registration was retained when the aircraft later operated for Hawaiian Airlines.

We like to think that there was some guy at American who knew about that history when he submitted FAA form AC 8050-1 to get a number assigned to the new build Airbus.

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  1. I flew on a new A321 DFW-LAS last summer in regular coach. It had new seats with two seatback pockets. This allowed for more knee room, even with the seat ahead of me reclined, a nice surprise. I'll take a good road trip any day but that would be a short, rough trip between the mainland and Hawaii...