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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Airplane Life Comments on MH 370

As we now know that someone stole the plane, we would like to make these observations and suggestions:

1) The concern is not where they took the plane, but where it is NOW.

2) Anyone with the capability to steal a 777 also has the capability to refuel it and take it somewhere else.

3) The plane is likely no longer in the region being searched.

4) Anyone with the capability to steal a 777 also has the capability to change it's livery.

5) While everyone is looking for a Malaysian 777 under a tarp at a remote airfield in Africa, the plane could be in a different livery sitting out in the open at an airport in South America.

6) All 777's worldwide should be grounded and their identity verified.  


  1. That is a very good analysis, and it all makes sense. The Malaysia livery, with the lower cheatline could be easily repainted to resemble a United 777. That's scary. So I think you're right about grounding the fleet. I'm tired of watching the "experts" on mainstream TV. You've got a new subscriber.

  2. I'm less worried now about the passengers than the plane. What if they repainted it like an EL AL with a device onboard?

  3. Your statements remain correct, we hope they are not positive.

  4. AL has it right. There is a HUGE PROBLEM if a 777's identity was compromised.

  5. Orbital assets can find that profile, wherever it is.

  6. I heard they might infect those people with a weird disease and land the plane in a big city.

  7. Maybe the NSA should spend less time listening to our phone calls, and more time finding that stupid plane.

  8. Absolutely brilliant.