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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

F-35 Lightning II at Luke AFB

The new jet wearing LF on the tail.


  1. I had an idea, though thought about it carefully and think it might have been done already if possible; to create an airplane that has a bottom and top part that meets by the wings. Where if the plane is falling and crashing, at a speed level, the airplane would come apart and people would fly out of the crashing plane with oxygen masks and Para shoots. It might not be possible for safety reasons because the wings need to be attached to one whole entity of mass to really stick. The other thought is to create a roof that opens at a crashing speed and then have people fly out with mask and artificial wings to later land with minimal harm unless there is an ocean beneath and unless the air tangles everything up because of the altitude and high speed. The only way would be if people flew out closer to crashing point and not when extremely high up. Thought I'll share the thought!