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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Go! Airlines to Cease Operations in Hawaii

What Go!'s around comes around.

02/06 Aloha declares bankruptcy and Yucaipa LLC pumps in cash and becomes majority owner.

03/06 Mesa airlines begins flying in Hawaii under the name, "Go!"

10/06 Aloha files lawsuit against Mesa for using some of Aloha's confidential information as part of the "Go!" business plan.

03/08 Mesa brings over 2 additional planes supposedly to replace 2 that are already here.

03/08 Aloha declares bankruptcy again.

03/08 Mesa is "days away" from pulling out of Hawaii.

03/31/08 Aloha ceases all flight operations and closes down.

03/08 Mesa instantly becomes a big player in Hawaii, and they have 2 additional planes already here.

12/08 Aloha and Mesa settle the lawsuit filed in 06. Terms give Yucaipa $2 Million, and 2.7 million shares of Mesa stock representing 10% of Mesa. Mesa stock went up 54%.

3/17/4 Mesa has announced that it’s last flight will be on 3/31/14; exactly 6 years to the day that Aloha shut down.   

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