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Sunday, March 23, 2014

San Diego Airport KSAN Approach Parking Structure

The "Famous" KSAN parking garage.

It's just a common-sense non-precision approach : "LOC RWY 27," so just RNAV.

Obstacle is off-centerline, with displaced threshold.

But things happen fast on the step-down : VYDDA-OKAIN-CIJHI-REEBO.

SCAN SCAN SCAN : Attitude Airspeed Altitude Heading Localizer Needle VSI

Please be courteous and don't leave tire skidmarks on top of the parking structure. There have been a couple times that they made guys pay to have it repainted.

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  1. They keep trying to camouflage that garage but they can't fool me! I only got to do it in a steam-gauge MD80, no RNAV. If you weren't fully configured and on speed by Reebo, you were going to be playing serious catch-up. It's a common sense approach, but a steep one. I'd like to have tried it in the 767 but the closest I got was LAX.