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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Airplane Spotter

Today we pay tribute to the unsung hero of aviation, The Airplane Spotter.

Often branded as terrorists or labled as criminals, they continue their eternal mission to identify and document the movements of millions of aircraft around the world every day.

It is the fervid work of Airplane Spotters that has weaved the tapestry of aviation history as we know it, ever since the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk.

The faceless and nameless spotter above is shown pointing out N663US (c/n 23818/715; 747-451); the very first Boeing 747-400 to enter service back in February 1989.

Today and forever, the Airplane Spotter will serve as a beacon of light against the tyranny brought about by tens of thousands of incompetent and maladroit rent-a-cops who are all chronically infected by severe and deeply entrenched personality disorders.

To all of the Airplane Spotters around the world, we offer a simple "Thank You."

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  1. Well Said! Makes me want to run out to Imperial Hill. Oops, that's seven hours from here...