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Saturday, July 6, 2013

TV News Aviation Experts Are All Idiots

Save your time. Our current list of possible causes for the OZ214 incident at SFO.

Most accidents have multiple causes in a "cascade of events."

Pilot Error.
Altimiter incorrectly set.
CAT/ wind shear.
High AOA / stall.
Incorrect response to stall.
Seagull ingestion.
Thrust / engine failure / fuel supply issue.
Cargo shift.
Incorrect flap / spoiler mode.
FADEC or FMS hacked by N. Korea.

added 7/7/13 18:15 GMT
PAPI out of service.
Featureless terrain illusion.

We are confident that whatever it was, it will be known pretty soon. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you! CNN seemed to be the worst, Fox the best, sort of. (I don't watch MSNBC) Even at Fox, one of the blond ladies was trying to interview an "expert" who hadn't even had the chance to see any video of the crash at that point. Fox must have caught him while he was shopping at the mall or something!

    The GOOD news is that there have been only two significant crashes domestically since 9/11 that I can recall. The BAD news is that media no longer has any experience covering this sort of thing, assuming they had any in the first place...rant over...