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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aerial Banners North Pilot Arrested

This really happened. Politically motivated Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell requests citizens to call EMERGENCY 911 if they see a PA-25 towing a banner. Seems like that might choke up the phone lines, and it would be tragic if someone was having a heart attack and couldn't get through.

The Pawnee pilot was arrested on Monday and later released on $100 bail.

This will evolve into an interesting legal case. We predict appeals to higher courts.

We've been sent these questions from our correspondents around the world :

1) Would you ever call the 911 EMERGENCY line and report a Piper flying overhead if all it was doing was towing an American Flag ?

2) Are the City of Honolulu's boundaries only on ground level, or do they extend vertically into outer space ?

3) Should a responsible citizen call 911 EMERGENCY if they see this billboard ?

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