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Friday, February 26, 2016

The First Boeing 727 N7001U United



  1. Neat video, Thank You! I'm thinking the 'Whisperjet' term was relative. I attended San Jose State, where the aviation classes were held at a facility at the airport. The noise from the 727s, DC9s, 737s and especially the Western 720Bs morning HNL departure were music to my ears. My Professor, trying to give a lecture, would probably give you a different answer. Later in life, I was a Flight Engineer on the 727, noisy plane! In cruise, you had to shout to make yourself heard. Even the newest 737s have the same nose profile, so I'm not sure anything has changed in the 'noise' regard. Anyway, I'm happy to see that this particular 727 is going to make it to the museum.

  2. FYI: The plane flew to BFI today, gear down and fifteen degrees flaps the whole way, as planned.